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Feeling overwhelmed finding the right software for your school?

We understand. Every school has its own specific requirements. Every software comes with its own set of promises. It’s not about ‘one size fits all’. It’s about finding the right fit.

Welcome to Maxter Board – transforming Complexity into Simplicity. Our platform takes care of assessment, recommendation, implementation and training of software programs to optimize school operations.

How We Do It

Maxter Board is your advisor in the complicated technology adoption journey. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of all available software options and identify the ones that align perfectly with your school’s unique requirements. We extend our service beyond recommendations by linking you to our professional network of IT experts for effective training and implementation.

Maxter Board is dedicated to empowering schools. If you are unsure which software solutions are right for your school, you have reached the right place.

If you are a provider of tech consultation and implementation support to schools, join Maxter Board marketplace today.

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My Experience


Chief Executive Officer

Maksym brings with him more than 12 years of experience in IT consulting initiatives covering the provision of services, internet marketing, operation management, and strategic planning for B2B and B2C clients. He has founded multiple ventures including Flash Invest, Alterix, and Inform Systems. His areas of expertise are information technology consulting, computer programming, and computer systems management. Maksym holds a master’s degree in teaching economics and management. He has also obtained certifications in investment, decentralized finance, basics of trading, computer programming, and search engine optimization.

“The technology itself is not transformative. It’s the school, the pedagogy, that is transformative.”
– Tanya Byron